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25 votes

Is it okay to advise people not to vote on a certain answer to your question?

20 votes

Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

3 votes

Yet another "step down as moderator" post

14 votes

Why do you stay?

-4 votes

Should we burninate the [kali-linux] tag?

-2 votes

With a userbase as diverse as Stack Overflow's, how will we arrive at an actionable definition of "unwelcoming"?

11 votes

Is asking "why" on language specifications still considered as "primarily opinion-based" if it can have official answers?

3 votes

password-encryption tag wiki changed, now disagrees with most questions so tagged

27 votes

Do users still get the "package" when their rep reaches 100k?

10 votes

How did I impact ~1 million users in a single day?

30 votes

April 2015 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

4 votes

Should we delete answers containing "and see if it works" with reason "should be a comment"?

-14 votes

Get rid of the Reversal badge

1 vote

What resource should be used when linking to Perl CPAN modules?