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47 votes

Does the policy change for AI-generated content affect users who (want to) flag such content?

31 votes

April 2015 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

27 votes

Do users still get the "package" when their rep reaches 100k?

25 votes

Is it okay to advise people not to vote on a certain answer to your question?

24 votes

Can I ask a question for explanations of specific blocks of code, instead of using ChatGPT, at Stack Overflow?

21 votes

Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

15 votes

Is asking "why" on language specifications still considered as "primarily opinion-based" if it can have official answers?

14 votes

Why do you stay?

10 votes

How did I impact ~1 million users in a single day?

5 votes

Should we delete answers containing "and see if it works" with reason "should be a comment"?

3 votes

Yet another "step down as moderator" post

3 votes

password-encryption tag wiki changed, now disagrees with most questions so tagged

1 vote

What resource should be used when linking to Perl CPAN modules?

-2 votes

With a userbase as diverse as Stack Overflow's, how will we arrive at an actionable definition of "unwelcoming"?

-4 votes

Should we burninate the [kali-linux] tag?

-14 votes

Get rid of the Reversal badge