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71 votes

How old does a question have to be to ask it again without having it flagged as a duplicate?

71 votes

Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

70 votes

Do we close questions that are only useful for the asker?

61 votes

Please add thousand separators in the tag counts when tagging a question

49 votes

Why was my "how to boost OS keyrate" answer deleted?

45 votes

Is it OK to downvote questions because of bad grammar?

37 votes

Solved my problem posted to SO by changing the version of a package, but still want to know the issue with the newest version. What should I do?

33 votes

Do users still get the "package" when their rep reaches 100k?

31 votes

On large communities decaying over time, being nice or mean, and Stack Overflow

28 votes

Are questions asking for feature sets of specific software versions on topic?

28 votes

Is this major edit justified?

23 votes

Add an assessment to your Developer Story

20 votes

The life of answering questions on Stack Overflow

20 votes

RTF Source Code Questions?

15 votes

Be nice, be nice, be nice, yes, but what if the question is horrifically egregiously bad?

13 votes

Why was this specific question about Rust generics put on hold?

12 votes

Impale the [vlad]!

11 votes

Can we close questions about negligible performance differences?

11 votes

Drawing attention to my Careers page

10 votes

Close vote superpowers for other badges in low volume tags

10 votes

Take a [hint], we don't need [hints]

8 votes

I asked a question: Should I accept my own answer or someone else's?

7 votes

Are language specs and their developments on topic?

3 votes

The use of gender-specific pronouns on Stack Overflow

3 votes

Stop mob-downvoting users on the main site for their actions there and their opinions on Meta

3 votes

Should I delete my answer if the answer is "No, this is not possible"?

2 votes

How to make >2K users make better edits

1 vote

Should an MCVE include boilerplate that's not required just because people incorrectly think it is?

-1 votes

Filtering questions by "difficulty" / "level"?

-3 votes

Does a user have any practical options for dealing with blatantly incorrect close votes?