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15 votes

Help test the new Top Nav: phase 3 testing runs this week

12 votes

Have ability to message edit proposers when reviewing their edits

10 votes

The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

19 votes

I have an answer to offer, but no one has asked for it yet

3 votes

Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update of 2014

7 votes

Is it OK to downvote on pre-edited version of question?

8 votes

Canonical, language-agnostic question for if(var != "x" || var != "y" ...)

290 votes

How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

3 votes

Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

4 votes

Stack Snippets being misused

27 votes

What is the purpose of the "DO NOT USE" tags?

7 votes

Can we have darker <code> blocks in <blockquotes>?

44 votes

How to make images stand out when posting images with whitespace?

13 votes

"Teaching to fish..." answers, or when an answer is how to find the answer

9 votes

Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?