Primarily a SQL Server developer, I have more than 10 years experience in Enterprise-level IT projects.

  • I started in Fortan 77 on a VAX VMS (DEC Alpha);
  • worked up through Pascal, VB6 and Coldfusion;
  • led a couple of Java development teams;
  • was senior team leader for a dotNet team for a couple of years;
  • spent some time doing PHP on MySQL for a startup;
  • for more than a year was in charge of managing and developing the database systems and applications for L'Oreal NZ;
  • spent the next year doing SSIS and stored proc development for Spendvision.com (now Fraedom.com);
  • followed up with some time back at the Government of Canada;
  • and now do Java development in the Healthcare sector for Accreon.com


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