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286 votes

Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

159 votes

Declining interest in being a moderator

127 votes

Change the code block button from inserting indentation to triple-backticks

122 votes

Stack Overflow Survey: You're still spending too much time focusing on demographic groups, and not enough time improving site mechanics

117 votes

Does "Time to take a stand" adhere to the Be Nice policy?

92 votes

Should the "Time to take a stand" question be closed / moved?

92 votes

Why was the 404 page changed to not include the "program"?

89 votes

Curation and cynicism: Or why Stack Overflow sometimes doesn't seem welcoming

80 votes

Are 10K users less gullible?

79 votes

An account of my meeting with the Stack Overflow management team

77 votes

Time to take a stand

75 votes

UX research time! May 2019 and the reputation system

66 votes

How can I add a Minimal Reproducible Example if I think I've already added one?

55 votes

Ask a question template v1 experiment results

45 votes

Is "why is x usually avoided" a valid question?

42 votes

Unstick new navigation bar

41 votes

Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

38 votes

What to do with answers taking over yours?

38 votes

Could some bad questions be avoided with additional prompting?

35 votes

"Prefer not to answer" in the Developer Survey Results 2018

35 votes

Why can I no longer see that a post has a negative score?

34 votes

Dealing with an answer that wasn't accepted (maybe because a user is a newbie on Stack Overflow)

34 votes

How to make a question more understandable?

33 votes

Hey look, we have reduced our [weight]

31 votes

Struggling to get an irrelevant and incoherent comment deleted; why decline this flag?

30 votes

Question is tagged both [c] and [c++], but has no reason to be

26 votes

Should editors excise signatures in answers even if they contain useful organisation information?

26 votes

How do I respond to assertions that Stack Overflow is just like a forum?

26 votes

What to do about hundreds of the same basic question?

25 votes

We're exceeding the posted [google-pagespeed]

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