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Just an orphan kid and have no more to say.

Three things in general, cannot be avoided (at least I can never)

  1. Mother
  2. Mother-tongue
  3. Mother-land.

They are always unique.

I'm a family-less boy. My family was hunted leaving me all alone when my house targeted and deliberately set on a fire by a mob during a nonsense communal riot but I was survived by a rescue team with the help of firemen. As a survival, I didn't know whether it was my fortune or misfortune but when I recovered, the rescue team came to my home, one day. One of the members gave me a piece of paper in my hand in which the following text was written.


He asked me to read it carefully and I could hardly interpret the text as

  • Life is now here,

instead of

  • Life is nowhere.

All of them gave me a cute smile and went away and I decided to live peacefully and hopefully on their saying from then onwards and very soon.

Because of this tragedy, I'm alone couldn't join a school but a curiosity to learn something made me a self-learner. I'm indeed a self-learner, so I'm likely not able to answer any questions on this site right now.

In the field of computer science, my self-study mainly includes,

  • QBASIC, C, C++, C#, VB, Java, JavaScript, PHP and a little about ASP.NET.
  • Oracle, MySQL and MSSQL-Server with DBMS.
  • and other theoretical subjects.

I'm currently dealing with - Android and Java EE including Servlet, JSP-JSTL/EL (with Spring and Struts with ORM models JPA/Hibernate) and JSF.

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