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Here's a shout-out to the hero of Stack Exchange! You're the best!

Feel free to contact me (@J.Musser) in our site chat room, The Garden Shed, if you have something you want to tell me, or just want to chat. Or you can email me at [email protected] if you want to contact me personally for any reason (take that literally :D). I only use that email for Stack Exchange, so expect a slight reply delay.

pm me here:

Here's my network flair (if you are a member of Stack Exchange, find your flair here) It show's some of your accomplishments:

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Because I'm a landscaper/plant health care guy, here's a brief description of my local area and climate:

  • Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
  • USDA hardiness zone: 6b
  • Frost dates: (1st frost) November 1st (last frost) April 30th
  • Yearly Precipitation: 43.64 inches, avg
  • Soil Type: Mostly heavy clay, some areas of sand or silt. Decent variable topsoil
  • Average high/low temperatures: (high) 86 F. (low) 24 F.

I have been gardening all my life, and have knowledge in lawn care, tree and shrub care, general landscaping, edibles, nursery, and indoor gardening, as well as other variable aspects of horticulture.

I also have a fairly good knowledge of basic biological concepts, and have fun learning about it on our [Biology2 site. I enjoy outdoor activities, such as horse riding, hiking, camping, etc, when I can get around to them.

Plants doing cool plant things:

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