Michael Mikowski

Mike is the author of the critically acclaimed book Single Page Web Applications - JavaScript end-to-end. He is an award-winning industrial designer and SPA architect with 13 years experience as a full-stack web developer and architect. He spent four years as development manager for an HP/HA platform that served hundreds of millions of requests every day from two large Linux clusters. He currently works as a UI architect, consultant, and has the title of "Senior Director of UX Engineering."

His Single Page Web Application (SPA) experience began in 2007 when he developed the AMD "Where to Buy" shopping site. He soon was enamored with SPAs and proceeded to design and build them for many businesses. He believes that TDD, design-for-quality, and minimalism can greatly reduce complexity and improve quality of SPAs.

He is especially proficient with JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, HP/HA MySQL,and OO Perl 5. His open source contributions include jQuery plugins, SPA libraries, and TaffyDB contributions. He has presented at all HTML5 developer conferences in 2012-13, Developer Week 2013, University of San Francisco, and many other venues.

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