I have hands-on experience of 8 years, in designing and development of the websites, I have gone through the requirements and realized, I am the right fit with experience, skills, and technology needed to complete/deliver the project. Based on my expertise, I can create a website/mobile app with end -2-end implementation of user requirements. - My services include development, integration of website, web services, payment gateway, database, chat, streaming, SMS, robust backend, analytics, etc. In a nutshell, you can use me as your long term IT partner. I assure that my development cost will come along with many values added services. I assure faster delivery, and quality product as an end result.

My Core Skill : - Node JS, Angular Js, React Js, Vue Js - PHP and its frameworks (Laravel, Codeigniter) - Mobile development( Xamarin, React Native, Ionic Framework) - Database Development ( Mysql, MongoDB, Postgres) - Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, CMS, CRM, OSSN, ERM, HRM, FLARUM and so on