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9 votes

Why do you lose reputation for down voting an answer on your own post?

9 votes

Editing answers that say "at the time of this post"

13 votes

Why does the "people reached" counter use a lowercase "m" for millions?

6 votes

Should the "Not an answer" flag be split in two?

0 votes

Should users be permitted to both answer and close a question?

1 vote

Is it OK to edit someone else's question or answer when the choice of accepted answer otherwise contradicts the question?

4 votes

Should comments be auto-deleted (from Stack Exchange podcast #61)

18 votes

Should I use my dupehammer superpowers to close a question about things I have no idea but OP said it's a duplicate?

-1 votes

How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

5 votes

How to Warn of Serious Issues in Code Unrelated to Question?

8 votes

Good question, old version-dependent answer

8 votes

Rewarding overzealous users for answering duplicate questions is undermining the site

23 votes

What should be done if the asker didn't even read the error?

12 votes

Was I (and Stack Overflow) being too strict and unreasonable in closing this question?

19 votes

Is Stack Overflow violating its Creative Commons license by closing questions?

11 votes

Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

7 votes

Should I downvote attempted answers to bad (too broad) questions?

8 votes

Setting up a FAQ for the C++ tag