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195 votes

Badges for habitually asking well-received questions

37 votes

Reject edit when OP tries to put their results into your answer?

22 votes

Does the current downvote system incentivize improvement of poor questions?

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How to convert wiki answer to normal answer

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What makes an edit "more thorough" than another? And how can I save if mine is more thorough?

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Should self answered question based on experience be encouraged?

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Mechanism to detect or validate spite-downvotes?

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Low hit question because of low-hit language tag usage, considering using Java next time

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Copy link-only answer to comment

2 votes

set the color coding for a codeblock

0 votes

Should custom suggested edit reject reasons be presented in the inbox?

-2 votes

Should this suggested edit have been approved?

-3 votes

Course of action for comments requesting external resources?