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Highly disciplined, language-agnostic, positive and energetic engineer, offering expertise in developing, documenting, and testing software to ensure that it meets the needs of end users and achieves business goals. Versatile in using various software development methodologies. Proficient in wide spectrum of cloud technologies with recent focus on AWS. Innovative business partner, effective communicator and problem-solving technical lead, known not only for individual contribution, but also mentoring, building teams, growing developer’s communities of practice / guilds and building relationships with internal and external partners at all levels. Ability to oversee and manage all technical aspects of any project and to design / develop APIs using multiple languages and frameworks and build highly scalable, data-intensive applications, while leveraging all contemporary architectural styles. Ability to persuade/manage others to adopt new structures or systems in order to meet objectives. Collaborative, empathetic and autonomous individual contributor with demonstrated successes in partnering with engineering stakeholders and cross-functional teams from multiple domains when solving not only problems of team-local importance, but to the organization as a whole. Capable of creating plan, breaking it into incremental milestones and producing non-existing backlogs meeting the required level of quality. Enthusiastic for opportunities to set and present the technical direction and putting right tools and technologies in the best use, to maintain / upgrade / improve the functionality of all existing software, recommend process improvements in resolving software issues, and to ensure that the design, application, and maintenance of software meets the quality standards of the company.

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