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Who is Scott Stanchfield? One part architect; Two parts developer; One part teacher. These were the ingredients chosen to create the ultimate ego. But when the professor accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction - Chemical X - a Java Guru was born!

From his beginnings as a developer at IBM slinging air-traffic control system configuration management software, Scott has always loved software development. His twisted love of LL(1) parsing led him to working with Tom McCabe on parsers for reverse-engineering tools and with Frank DeRemer and Tom Penello on C++ compiler development (as well as a brief stint on the ANSI C++ committee – don’t blame him... he voted “no, with comments”!).

While working toward his Master’s Degree at The Johns Hopkins University, Scott realized that something was missing: teaching. Along came MageLang Institute (now Scott was dubbed “Software Guru” (ok, so he picked his own title), teaching Java around the world, including Sydney, London, Stuttgart, and Peoria. Excitement abounds at home and abroad!

Soon, Scott became known as a VisualAge for Java guru. (IBM’s VP of marketing for VisualAge often joked that Scott was their best marketing weapon…) From teaching VisualAge and maintaining a tips and tricks web site, to writing Effective VisualAge for Java, Scott helped everyone understand the power of a great IDE.......

Articles, videos, and conference appearances abound! Life was good!

After the dot-com implosion, Scott went back to software development, working on many [REDACTED] government [REDACTED]. But Johns Hopkins University came calling, asking him to join as an adjunct lecturer.

From Design Patterns to Android application development to Domain-Specific Languages to the Kotlin language, Scott's students stared in awe as he risked life and limb by coding live in front of his class, without a net.

And now, Scott has taken his love of Android to Google as a Developer Relations Engineer. Watch for him to answer your questions on StackOverflow! Blog about new features, patterns and best practices! Chew bubblegum and record videos (but he's all out of bubblegum)!

And change the world, one Kotlin programmer at a time!

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