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I am dhilipsiva. I am from Bangalore, India. The most reliable way to contact me is through my email [email protected]. I contribute to a bunch of repos on GitHub. On Twitter, I often talk about tech and a little bit of politics & philosophy. You can look at my LinkedIn profile for my past experiences. I have about 3600+ upvotes on StackOverflow. I blog using Medium. And you can search for me on Google.

I usually spend most of my time building python (micro)services. But I also have built production services with JavaScript (Frontend + Node), C, Go, PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, C# & Java. I have worked on all levels of a typical web application stack. I architect, code, deploy, (auto)scale, and maintain server-side (.py, .rs), browser-side (.js, .ts, .wasm) & infra (terraform, pulumi, CDK) code. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that I built in the past:

  • GraphQL, RPC & RESTful microservices with Python
  • JavaScript frontends with Ember & React
  • DevOps pipelines
  • E2E Test Automation Framework (Horizontal & Vertical) with RobotFramework
  • Native iOS apps
  • Android and iOS device farms
  • RaspberryPi bitcoin mining farm with custom ASIC chips
  • Scaled a couple of high-traffic web applications
  • Deploy services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (Fabric, docker, AWS copilot, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Small tech teams (5-15 engineers)
  • Setting up E2E engineering processes for the entire organization
  • Can design and develop resource-efficient, reliable, maintainable, secure & scalable products
  • A bunch of open-source tools that are useful for web development.
  • Contributed to a bunch of 3rd party open-source projects
  • Reverse Engineered and “hacked” a bunch of mobile applications for fun
  • Hobby IoT & robotic projects (very basic stuff)

Lately, I have developed a keen interest in Rust programming language, WebAssembly & Distributed software.

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