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Would a note about preferred pronouns qualify the same way as a "thank you"?

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Downvote should not be negative

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What should I do about wrong duplicate targets used by gold-badge holders?

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Is downvoting associated with keeping the site "clean"?

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UX research time! July 2019 and how people are learning and teaching code

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Why do you stay?

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The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

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After new information, the question is too narrow. What should I do?

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Min-Reprex: a less awkward name for MCVE

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Standard for machine learning questions

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2019 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

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Idea for Stack Overflow and neural network application: do not allow images with programming code

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Guidance for asking machine learning questions

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Where do I ask about top contributors to a particular field?

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Can anything be done to mitigate the negative experience caused by bogus close votes?

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Please unpin the accepted answer from the top

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A person asked me "did you downvote my answer?" Should I reply?

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Why are comments shown more than once in the Comment Evaluator 5000™?

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In 2018, why do high profile off-topic [machine-learning] questions remain open?

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What to do about good questions (ie. documentation-related) being closed too quickly

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