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I love Python, using Pytest and having good unit test coverage is great because it means you can change even complex features and prove things still work. Version control is an essential, I like to see continual running of tests, and I like specs that describe the problem that needs solving. I like coming up with simplifying solutions, thinking about how whole systems integrate to get rid of bottlenecks and make things snappy. Documentation and knowledge sharing, with clear explanations is more important than people often realise. Perspective is everything. So is simple, readable code. The fight to keep code clean while getting stuff done is a good one and well worth it to keep things moving along smoothly. I'm used to triaging priorities and producing clear specs, or even time boxed research and development in an agile environment. I'm unflinching at honest retrospectives and keen on continual pursuit of excellence. I like to brew and share fresh green tea. Having a relaxed, attentive attitude, taking an interest in people is essential to know how people are doing and how to optimally work together.

Interested in Semantic Desktop and Visual Language technology.

Apparently I'm also into Visual Poetry.

I love the sharing that happens on this site! So much talent here.

This is my lifemap (I'm updating it ;D)

One of my poems: 'The Singularity of Soul Resurgence'

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