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100 votes

Should Stack Overflow users enforce a mandate or let the site evolve?

69 votes

To what extent does language need to be moderated?

62 votes

Redoing downvote to counter upvote on new user

47 votes

What should be done to change people's perception that Stack Overflow is hostile?

35 votes

Can SO get users to supply actual answers before negatively marking a question?

30 votes

How should I handle questions where there is a clear problem that has multiple possible causes?

28 votes

How to treat junk questions from users of less than 20 reputation?

24 votes

Is the intensity of meta working in our favor or to our detriment?

20 votes

Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

20 votes

What practical and reasonable options does the community have in order to avoid (if desired) the so called 'meta effect'?

18 votes

Let's reframe voting

16 votes

Limiting downvoting on questions by new users who haven't had a chance to respond to requests for improvement

15 votes

Addressing the highest friction point of seeming welcoming: heavily rate-limiting comments

15 votes

My suggested edit was rejected, but the same thing got changed

14 votes

Editing is Irritating

13 votes

What are the reasons for not allowing people to drastically edit off-topic, unanswered, downvoted questions, if they are banned?

12 votes

I got answer-banned because I answered instead of commented, but I cannot comment

11 votes

Problem when deleting an answer

11 votes

Was I wrong to vote to close this question on the basis that it seemed to be asking for recommendations?

10 votes

Why are people allowed to edit someone else's question?

10 votes

Grouping Feature on Duplicate Posts instead of flagging to Stop Discouraging Rookies

9 votes

Upvote more if the answer is in function in Stack Overflow

8 votes

What if none of the answers in a potential duplicate question work?

8 votes

Watch those itchy trigger fingers

7 votes

A way to stop "pile on" downvoting

6 votes

What's the purpose of splitting Stack Exchange into many sub-sites?

5 votes

"Be Nice" Code of Conduct vs Dijkstra style and Psychological Safety

3 votes

Do we need editors for newcomers to improve the question asked by him, till he gets an idea about how to ask the question?

2 votes

I couldn't ask this question for a long time because it kept prompting “It looks like your post is mostly code, please add some more details”