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-21 votes

Should character limit for comments exclude link URLs?

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The more interesting the question, the darker it should be

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How to deal if the user asks for code in online programming competition?

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If a question is both up and down voted, how does the visibility work?

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Questions about thread+loop not working without print statement

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Tag cleanup request: [24hour]

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Are Meta questions elegible for badges on the main site?

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What to do with comments to a question that are not helpful to anyone

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Why Does Stack Overflow Avoid Gender in Profiles?

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Does it make sense to add an answer from a Support ticket as an answer of a my own question?

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Should there be a badge for highest voted answer other than Populist?

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Answerers who only use comments

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Why isn't this answer considered "link only" answer?

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Closed questions must not be deletable before they are reopened for X duration