Matin Sasan

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” ~C.S. Lewis.

Thanks to those who answer my questions and use my answers well.

I'm a red-pilled loner who is passionate about both formal (programming) and natural languages (I'm a polyglot; English, Persian, German, Turkish, Russian, and French).

I hope one day to become one of the main members who brings positivity and productivity combined in this community;
and hope my answers and comments prove useful, as I really care to see people find their solution, and please consider upvote any answer from me that helped you (it'll encourage me to help people more).
And nope, I don't downvote anyone.

Just browsing questions is enough to make me humble how much I still don't know and have to learn.

Since people here are into programming, let's remind ourselves that life isn't all about programming.
There is still so much beauty to it, so many other things to do. Don't let your job/passion/love becomes your whole identity.
Seek greatness in your whole life, in harmony with your inner voice.

To get in touch for casual conversation (Discord id): Wandering.Seeker#2446

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