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29 votes

Should there be a +1 system for user profiles?

24 votes

Is this site violating the TOS of Stack Overflow and/or Amazon and how to report?

17 votes

Why was my question upvoted and became notable, when it was heavily downvoted at the beginning?

16 votes

Question that can be solved using basic debugging

15 votes

Should a question be closed as off-topic even though a tag exists?

13 votes

Should the Mighty Mjölnir have allowed me to reopen this question?

5 votes

People who answer questions that are CLEARLY off-topic

4 votes

The tags [x-window] and [xwindow] are synonyms of [xwindows]

4 votes

Add "supertag" to "subtag"

4 votes

Is it ok to downvote questions asking about difference between two things?

3 votes

How shall we deal with Question/Answer explicitly marked updates?

2 votes

How can I check how many edits a user has made?

1 vote

Reopen question to give general answer (duped is too specific)