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17 votes

Rule proposal: Duplicate closure to roll-up questions is no longer allowed

-2 votes

Rename [oracle] to [oracle-database]

32 votes

People should be educated not to downvote a question just because the answer is no

13 votes

Canonical for Java EE vs Jakarta EE

14 votes

Determining if a question is right for Stack Overflow

35 votes

What might "responsible" (a.k.a. acceptable) use of AI look like on Stack Overflow?

26 votes

How questions are responded to here

14 votes

Does "xcode 15 not reflecting fonts used in storyboard" have enough details?

19 votes

New Collective: Mobile Development – Scope, community, and questions

72 votes

Update on Collectives and Discussions

6 votes

How could this question be updated to meet community guidelines?

21 votes

An instance of moderators not honoring their own advice with respect to meta commentary

47 votes

Collectives Updates to the Community Bulletin in the Right Sidebar

28 votes

I know how to mitigate "The Fall of Stack Overflow"

121 votes

Expanding Discussions: Let's talk about curation

13 votes

Would a question about business rules that shape a program be on-topic?

8 votes

Why was my question about React closed?

6 votes

Moodle non-code question was closed although much of the same Q/A was not closed. How can I change it to get it reopened?

7 votes

Why was "How to setup a connection to Redis Sentinel using Jedis library?" closed as looking for a tool?

24 votes

Closing a question for lack of clarity or focus or objectivity should require elaboration from the closer

58 votes

The user research behind Discussions

23 votes

Discussions experiment launching on NLP Collective

28 votes

Why was my flag about profanity in a question denied?

13 votes

Why was my regex question downvoted and closed when it's as good or better than other recent examples?

15 votes

Is Stack Overflow back to normal moderation?

11 votes

Should Ask Different be added to the list of question migration sites?

43 votes

Collections: A New Feature for Collectives on Stack Overflow

32 votes

How do content authors feel about AI powered searches using their content for summaries?

75 votes

How to prove that my content isn't written using AI in any way

20 votes

Thoughts on the paper "Are Large Language Models a Threat to Digital Public Goods? Evidence from Activity on Stack Overflow"?

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