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I'm a product manager, full stack developer, and growth marketer with a passion for intuitive design and hacking code.I have a passion for developer productivity, and I'm driving efforts to use AI to drive massive efficiency gains within our software engineering organization at Procore.

I previously managed an engineering team building Cloudflare's serverless compute product called Workers.

Before that I was co-founder and CEO of, a company changing the world with robots. We built software that allows people to control robots with their mobile devices. It's making smart manufacturing easier than it's ever been.

Formerly in my career, I managed a $100M global product line for 7 years while at Symantec. I built the official MTV News and People Magazine apps for the iPhone. I patented a method for clustering virtual machines ( I started a social media and SEO firm called The Social Business (@thesocialbiz), where I built a social business analytics app in Python and sold it to a NY venture firm called Innovation Garden ( in 2014.

My previous startup was, which I built using Node and Angular. While doing that, I was also an EIR in the CTO office of Itron, where I helped them build new lines of business around IoT and Smart Cities.

I was also chairman of the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon 501(c)3, I organized BendTech (, a co-working facility for startups, I have pitched at the Bend Venture Conference, and I am a mentor and alumni of the FoundersPad business accelerator program.

I've got two sons who love soccer, role playing games, and stand up paddleboarding on the Deschutes. It's really hard to beat building a startup and raising a family in Central Oregon.

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