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481 votes

Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments (or extended in chat)

389 votes

Why can't I ask customer service-related questions on Stack Overflow?

335 votes

Can we make it more obvious to new users that downvotes on the main site are not insults and in fact can help them help themselves?

297 votes

Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not?

210 votes

Got review ban for reviewing as 'Looks OK' for a question which I still think is OK

155 votes

Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

153 votes

What do I do about being harassed by users outside of Stack Overflow?

152 votes

If your question was not well received, read this before you post your next question

147 votes

Off topic questions have to be cleared out of the way, but NOT via closure

142 votes

What could Stack Exchange Inc do to make moderators who've recently resigned want to stay?

141 votes

Keep the love of puns [burninating] in our hearts

141 votes

Are job offers spam?

140 votes

What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”?

138 votes

Why the backlash against poor questions?

134 votes

Are there legitimate "fix my code" questions?

124 votes

'We should be focusing on the post, not the poster' is not working well :(

115 votes

Is it ok to answer downvoted questions?

103 votes

Reviewing some awful questions is just a waste of time, can we have a "no comment" close reason for these?

97 votes

Are developer-centric questions about application stores on topic?

92 votes

Drastic Question Revision

85 votes

Why Does Stack Overflow Avoid Gender in Profiles?

84 votes

Is it acceptable to post answers in Swift on iOS/OS X questions marked with the Objective-C tag and vice versa?

81 votes

Is it OK to answer vague, unclear questions?

76 votes

Is asking for solutions to a problem that has more than one possible solution too broad for SO?

74 votes

Do non-English words increase the probability of receiving downvotes?

73 votes

How long should we wait for a poster to clarify a question before closing?

71 votes

Why don't people sign up and contribute?

71 votes

Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

70 votes

What is the exact definition of "spam" for Stack Overflow?

70 votes

Should "Edit:" in edits be discouraged?

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