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0 votes

Are we too preoccupied with easy questions?

0 votes

7 out of my latest 10 flags "aged away"

-1 votes

Synonym request: cl.exe -> cl or vice versa?

-2 votes

Should a winapi question be closed as a duplicate if it has been asked before in the context of a different programming language?

-3 votes

Is it valid to knowingly repost an existing (fixed) bug report as a question on Stack Overflow?

-4 votes

How should THIS specific regex-based close/re-open/delete/un-delete war end?

-5 votes

Serial downvote reversal bot possibly missed some downvotes

-7 votes

Moderator deleting answers without marking duplicate questions

-7 votes

Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

-13 votes

Is it acceptable to vote down lazy answers that fix the problem?

-14 votes

Is this old answer to an old question a good example of a good answer?

-18 votes

Downvoting bot causing closed question deletion?

-19 votes

Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

-37 votes

Stealth revenge-downvoter: a downvote a day keeps the reversal-script away

-70 votes

It's time for a new process around tag creation: Tags should be reviewed before they are created