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488 votes

Help test the new Top Nav: phase 3 testing runs this week

304 votes

Top Navigation Update

97 votes

Can the podcast please stop making episodes about cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

89 votes

Cookie settings on every page

67 votes

What is a solution to the Stack Overflow "underdog effect"?

50 votes

Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

33 votes

How can I create a Stack Exchange account associated with an existing account?

29 votes

Should you add a language tag when your question is not too language specific?

28 votes

Revisiting our logged-out homepage

27 votes

Lengthy answer combining an "ad" for an open-source library with alternative legit information: OK or not OK?

22 votes

How to handle a question which implies, more than an answer, a code peer review with colleagues for the asker

21 votes

Downvotes Survey launching Oct 15, 2020

21 votes

Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

17 votes

How to deal with unclear questions and their lightning-fast ("fastest gun in the west") answers?

17 votes

Discover Stack Overflow Careers

14 votes

How to safely determine if an external link points to a legitimate website?

11 votes

Is a comment warning enough when dealing with potential data loss?

10 votes

Can anyone explain this Close Vote Review audit failure?

9 votes

What happened to review bans?

4 votes

Is the reputation points system biased/flawed and thus provoking bad feelings lately?

4 votes

User making a lot of unnecessary revisions

4 votes

Is demonstrative effort strictly needed if a question can be fully understood without it?

4 votes

Why is "Stack Overflow for Teams" sending out emails paying for reviews on a service?

4 votes

Markdown for quoting documentation with indentation?

3 votes

Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click do not open new tabs/windows in search results

3 votes

Is there a preferred method of notifying moderators of posts when nothing is wrong?

3 votes

Add Flowchart in Triage Review

2 votes

Let's have an "Answering a good question well" modal when users "earn it"

1 vote

Is "Sparrows and Owls" a useful model of answering behavior?

0 votes

Are questions ever deleted even from original author