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-13 votes

Is it acceptable to vote down lazy answers that fix the problem?

4 votes

Is demonstrative effort strictly needed if a question can be fully understood without it?

14 votes

How to safely determine if an external link points to a legitimate website?

10 votes

Can anyone explain this Close Vote Review audit failure?

-5 votes

Serial downvote reversal bot possibly missed some downvotes

0 votes

Are we too preoccupied with easy questions?

17 votes

Discover Stack Overflow Careers

3 votes

Add Flowchart in Triage Review

9 votes

What happened to review bans?

0 votes

Are questions ever deleted even from original author

3 votes

Is there a preferred method of notifying moderators of posts when nothing is wrong?

3 votes

Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click do not open new tabs/windows in search results

4 votes

User making a lot of unnecessary revisions

1 vote

Is "Sparrows and Owls" a useful model of answering behavior?

4 votes

Is the reputation points system biased/flawed and thus provoking bad feelings lately?