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89 votes

Cookie settings on every page

98 votes

Can the podcast please stop making episodes about cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

50 votes

Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

-19 votes

Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

-4 votes

How should THIS specific regex-based close/re-open/delete/un-delete war end?

2 votes

Let's have an "Answering a good question well" modal when users "earn it"

27 votes

Lengthy answer combining an "ad" for an open-source library with alternative legit information: OK or not OK?

21 votes

Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

-7 votes

Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

28 votes

Revisiting our logged-out homepage

22 votes

How to handle a question which implies, more than an answer, a code peer review with colleagues for the asker

-70 votes

It's time for a new process around tag creation: Tags should be reviewed before they are created

-1 votes

Synonym request: cl.exe -> cl or vice versa?

-3 votes

Is it valid to knowingly repost an existing (fixed) bug report as a question on Stack Overflow?

-18 votes

Downvoting bot causing closed question deletion?

29 votes

Should you add a language tag when your question is not too language specific?

4 votes

Markdown for quoting documentation with indentation?

-14 votes

Is this old answer to an old question a good example of a good answer?

21 votes

Downvotes Survey launching Oct 15, 2020

4 votes

Why is "Stack Overflow for Teams" sending out emails paying for reviews on a service?

-7 votes

Moderator deleting answers without marking duplicate questions

488 votes

Help test the new Top Nav: phase 3 testing runs this week

304 votes

Top Navigation Update

-2 votes

Should a winapi question be closed as a duplicate if it has been asked before in the context of a different programming language?

0 votes

7 out of my latest 10 flags "aged away"

-38 votes

Stealth revenge-downvoter: a downvote a day keeps the reversal-script away

33 votes

How can I create a Stack Exchange account associated with an existing account?

17 votes

How to deal with unclear questions and their lightning-fast ("fastest gun in the west") answers?

67 votes

What is a solution to the Stack Overflow "underdog effect"?

11 votes

Is a comment warning enough when dealing with potential data loss?