For general questions about the Winter Bash (or holiday hats) celebration at the end of the year, specific to the Winter Bash event of end 2015.

Since 2012, Stack Overflow has a playful addition during the winter holidays - Winter Bash. During this period, lasting from mid-December to early January, users can earn "hats". A hat is a little picture, usually of a kind of headgear, with which a user can decorate their avatar.

There is a different set of hats each year; some hats are secret, others have clear conditions on how to earn them.

Unlike badges, hats are temporary.

Participation in Winter Bash is voluntarily; users who don't want to join can choose not to see hats.

Use the Winter Bash 2015 tag to ask questions specific to the Winter Bash event of end 2015, when the question is specific to Stack Overflow.
If the question is about Winter Bash 2015 in general, you may instead want to ask it on Meta Stack Exchange.

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