Secret hats are hats that are not listed a-priori, and whose criteria are not disclosed. The idea is that you discover for yourself how to earn them. Look upon them as Easter Eggs! For example, to earn Fascinating, Ma'am you'd It's more fun figuring out how to earn them for yourself however. Like solving a videogame without using a walk-through.


We love fun and hats, so yes, I want hats!! The overwhelmingly majority seems to want hats, so Let there be hats!!


This is a slippery slope. First it'll be two hats, then three... and then before we know it, it'll be something like this... Attribution: Ashelang Scroll to bottom Scroll to top


Wear a hat Capture your profile image (using tool of your choice) wearing a hat Upload new profile image of you wearing a hat Wear another hat


YES WE DO!!!!!111!!eleven!


I don't care about hats at all, neither do I care about people having "fun" with hats. What I do care about though is people pouring even more crap into SO just to earn some more hats.


The Winter Bash 2014 page explains how the Saint Lucia hat (and others) is earned: Vote on December 15th. So all you need to do to earn it is cast a vote on the 15th. There are secret hats, and how to earn them is not revealed on that page.


As one of the lucky few who earned a Red Baron hat, I can say that yes, I think the hat did motivate me to become a better Stack Overflow user. At first, I didn't use any particular strategy to try to earn the hat, nor did I expect I would be able to achieve it having never gotten +7 for any of my previous answers, for questions of any quality. However, with ...


Did they do this last year, or is it a new feature? It is a new feature, though... not quite as self adjusting as you think. When selecting a hat, there is a checkbox - "show controls". The controls allow tilting and resizing the hats, so people can adjust them to their avatar.


This is status-bydesign; it is after 12:00 UTC on the 20th, which means it is now the 21st of December somewhere in the world. It'll continue to be the 21st somewhere until 13:00 UTC on the 22nd. See Why didn't (or did) I or some other user get a hat although the requirements were (or weren't) fulfilled?: Leeway on date-based hats Unless the ...


Yes!!! of course I want hat.


I think the implicit quality requirement applies to this as well. Which means it should be upvoted. From Why didn't (or did) I or some other user get a hat although the requirements were (or weren't) fulfilled?: Implicit quality requirements To prevent people from posting nonsense just to earn a hat, most hats that require creating content,...


The hat is awarded for the 15th, for better or worse. Americans were never that good with European holidays, but my guess is that in this case it was shifted over by a few days to coincide with the start of the Winter Bash, rather than have to deal with all the questions about how the system knew they had voted before the Bash had even started, never mind ...


I can see your hat, you need to turn this option on (so only users who choose to see hats, can see them). Visitors by default do not see hats. Other users can enable hats by pressing the snowflake in the top menu and clicking on the I love hats button.



Either one. It will be seen by people who can answer, one way or another.


No, we are serious programmers and we hate hats!!


If you see any blatantly invalid behaviour and cheating to get hats, flag the behaviour for moderator attention. Hats are never an excuse to break the rules. But on the whole I think that hats bring more fun, and much needed focus on quality (reviewing and handling bad questions is also rewarded with hats).


I have asked internally, and it seems nobody remembers the reason why we've always disabled hats on child metas. And so I've enabled them now. You wear the same hat on the child meta that you wear on the parent site, and the hat count on a meta user profile takes you to your hat rack on the parent site, similar to how it works for profile editing.


I did not get the hat, but I can add a bit of data to the discussion. Here are the questions that earned Stack Overflow users their Red Barons: What does "i" mean in a CSS attribute selector? (Alexander O'Mara) This is the example I highlighted in my wrap-up post. I don't have much else to add to Alex's answer. C++ CodeBlocks disassembly; Way too ...


These hats do promote positive actions, they help keep the quality standard of Stack Overflow up by cleaning out posts that shouldn't be here in the first place: Imitation crab asks you to keep the site clean by downvote bad questions. Red Shirt is only awarded if the questions you downvoted were subsequently deleted or closed. So not only did you downvode ...


The secret hats are being discussed here: Winter Bash 2014 Secret Hats The tardis can be obtained by editing old posts. The exact details are unknown as of yet, but I believe you should target questions, rather than answers.


You already got the direct link in another answer, but here is how to navigate to it from the UI: Click on the snowflake in the titlebar, next to the icons that show new messages and rep changes. In the pulldown that is shown, click on the white "WINTER BASH" label on light blue background. Or in pictures, click in the area circled red: This will show you ...


Certainly, but only as long as it's Stack Overflow related. The usual Meta rules apply that if a question covers all Stack Exchange sites, it should be asked on the Stack Exchange Meta. A few questions in the winterbash-2014 tag: Scroll over for winter bash not working? Why don't I see the 'Winter Bash'? Do I need to do more to earn Selfie hat? St. Lucia ...


None of the child-meta sites have hats (that is, metas that are attached to a Q&A site). These are where we discuss the main sites, and can discuss the hats we got on them. Given that most meta sites have vastly less traffic and activity than their main sites - it is better to leave hats just for the main sites.


The entire point of the hats feature was to increase user participation during the doldrums of Christmas. That's working. The number of upvotes have increased significantly. Right now I see 25 posts with a score of +10 and up, that's roughly a 250% increase from the usual voting patterns. Emphasizing the negative is a Meta hazard.


Secret hat is secret. That means no telling.


The thing that makes the Winter Bash special is that the hats are only available for a limited time. If you really like a particular hat (or hats), take a screen shot of your avatar wearing it and save it for when you want to look stylish. (Note the dapper bow tie I'm sporting.)


The hat was earned on Super User, not Stack Overflow: You can always see where someone earned hats by clicking on the hats counter in their profile, then selecting individual hats. They received a Notable Question badge (silver) on December 15 (the first day of the Winter Bash). Hats, once earned, can be worn anywhere on the Stack Exchange network.

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