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I just put here some food for thought, if someone is able to get something from it, great! Thanks for the attention, rich comments and votes. More incentives to closing questions sounds like a bad idea in the long term to me. What makes the content growing in this site is primarily asking, and current (not future) users are becoming disencouraged to do that ...


Now that the experiment is done, will you also be reviewing close-vote volume post-experiment? I would be very interested to see the number of close votes per day before, during and after the experiment. Maybe nothing has actually changed, but I really feel like voting-to-close overall has nosedived since the experiment finished. Questions seem to ...


I'm sure this is an off-topic response, but are you going to give this a trial run on Software Recommendations? SoftwareRecs is constantly under floods of off-topic questions, which has since been believed to be a consequence of the Ask Question Wizard on SO.


Please bring this back. This change helped questions be closed, fixed, and reopened at a faster pace than usual. For that reason, I'd like this to be brought back (at least for a little while). If it's not asking too much, I'd also like this to be made permanent.


I participated in the experiment, in that I regularly reviewed 40 questions from the close vote queue, whereas in the past I might not spend that amount of time doing it. I found it more rewarding seeing the number of questions in the queue go down, and it made me feel that when I identified questions that needed closing elsewhere, such as the First Posts ...


You should evaluate the question, not the actions taken with the question. If you do not know enough as to make an informed decision about closing or reopening the question, you can't depend on the edit made to decide to reopen it or to leave it closed. In these cases, as usual, skipping is the recommended course of action. A question that in your eyes ...


Although I've certainly noticed the effect of this change in the higher-volume tags I frequent, getting non-dupe questions put on hold more quickly, today I saw my first example of its effect in a low-volume tag. It is my experience that questions in low-volume tags almost never get successfully closed, even when closure is a no-brainer. I assume that ...


While you're testing things, please test having 5 votes to close, but as few as 3 to re-open the question. New questions sit on the home page for a bit, and tend to attract pile-on close votes. When you're trying to get a question re-opened, it doesn't have this sort of exposure and therefore seemingly almost never happens.


The biggest hang-up I can see with a question like this is that it's asking a fairly open-ended question. Whether or not you can or cannot port something over from Android to React Native is a fairly boolean process, but the Devil is in the details. Since we don't really know what their library does, we lack the ability to provide a more meaningful and ...


An observation: This experiment has exposed how negatively the curators have been regarded during this entire process. If anyone in power wants to talk about "welcoming", let's not forget to shield the curators. Being called outside of our name or having our intelligence challenged because we elect to close questions is exposing the true unwelcoming ...


How about add weights to close votes based on the reputation of the voter for that particular tag (e.g. gold badge = 3 points, silver = 2, all others = 1), and require a score of 10 9 to close. This will prevent users with not enough knowledge about the topic from closing the question prematurely and still 3 votes from tag experts to close it.

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