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Congratulations for reaching a million, Gordon Linoff!

I think only one answer is applicable here, really. Welcome to the club, Gordon. It was getting lonely here.
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Congratulations VonC for reaching a million reputation

Thank you for your kind words. In keeping with the spirit of the recent Thanksgiving, I am grateful to be of service, and for everything this community has taught me, and continues to teach me every ...
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  • 1.3m
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Congratulations for reaching a million, Gordon Linoff!

I have been something of a silent cult follower of Gordon's over the years, and I have learned more about SQL from him than any other user on this site. But, besides offering congratulations, I would ...
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Congratulations BalusC for reaching a million reputation!

Welcome to the club, BalusC! I have found out the only "privilege" that club bestows upon its member is to allow them to go on helping others and learning from them.
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New SO user not agreeing with the guidelines

As a reviewer, it isn't your job to convince other users, or even to argue with them. Please leave that to diamond moderators. You may, as in this case, choose to leave a comment explaining your ...
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If a 1k rep user told a 6k rep user that answering 'No research effort' question is not The SO way, would that be rude?

To answer the title question, pointing out the purpose/direction of the site is not inherently rude. It doesn't matter how much rep either party has; that's besides the point. Everyone needs a ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

Thank you to @Yvette for catalyzing this discussion and thank you everyone who’s put together thoughtful responses. I’d like to share with you my perspective on this question. I’m Meg Risdal, the new ...
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How was the number of .015% of Meta users calculated?

This made me curious so I started messing with SEDE. To keep things simple, I'm going to look at the last year. Of course, since I'm just using SEDE, this will not take into account the hordes of ...
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Do GDPR's protections on "personal information" entitle users to vandalise/remove their own posts?

No. GDPR is about the control of your personal information - assuming that you are an EU or UK* citizen, what you post in questions and answers should not be personal information. If you have posted ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

Meta has always been just a tiny fraction of the entire community, and it was never representative of the wider userbase for SO and the network sites. It was always dangerous to assume that the voting ...
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Posting questions by bots

I had a look and found that the H2O community is moving away from a self-hosted Q&A site: We've decided to retire the site and move the main H2O community support forum ...
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  • 1.1m
94 votes

How did this user raise 5,000 helpful flags in only 52 days?

Note that the user in question has the same username and avatar (currently but it changes often) as this user. (AKA, originally-ish, "Normal Human") I can attest ...
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Should I answer questions posted by someone with an unclickable user profile?

If it is a good question and contains all info needed to answer it then yes answer it. This can happen for two reasons with a 2 minute old question. the question was migrated from another site and ...
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87 votes

Is there any "secret" information kept about users ... that only moderators can see?

Sure, moderators have access to quite a bit of information that isn't public otherwise. As deceze points out, it's why we have to sign a strict agreement that dictates how we can and cannot use this ...
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User's political display name triggering government action against users who view it - what should I do?

A political statement in a display name is effectively an advertisement. It's designed to be a catchy word or phrase that captures your attention and diverts you to their profile where you can read ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

No one likes waiting for glaciers to calve, but that's mostly what we've been relegated to. Basically, what efforts we know are large and complex - like fixing search - are glaciers we're waiting to ...
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How to deal with users who are being abusive on valid criticism?

Downvote, Flag, and Walk Away. Any response, even if you somehow manage to make your response helpful and relevant, it just invites another abusive response. Therefore, any attempt you make at "...
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What should I do about an experienced user with a history of asking bad questions?

Raise a custom moderator flag and explain your concerns in detail. We have a "consistently low-quality questions over time" template message that we can send them. It reads something like ...
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Stricter trust model in the face of bot flood?

As others have noted (mostly in comments...), none of these problems are exactly new. In particular, floods of superficially plausible answers with reasonable grammar have cropped up repeatedly for ...
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Congratulations for reaching a million, Gordon Linoff!

My congratulations to Gordon Linoff on achievement 1M reputation points on SO! To do it, he had hard work behind this – he wrote more than 20 answers every single day for the last 8 years. Some users ...
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Congratulations VonC for reaching a million reputation

git commit -m "congrats VonC!"
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Instantly deleted comments?

This kinda smells like a user who is intentionally posting a nasty comment and then deleting it a few moments later, hoping its target has seen it, but avoiding repercussions from moderators… Of ...
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Suspicious activity between users

There is no need to call anyone out based on your suspicions. Simply flag one of the posts and use the "needs moderator attention" option to explain what it is you're seeing. Give as much helpful ...
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How do moderators deal with users who are neurodiverse (e.g., have autism, mental problems)?

While this doesn't answer your question, I'd like to point a few things out. First, I think it's very brave of you to ask this question. Second, a disclaimer. I don't know what you are feeling, or how ...
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Is it okay for somebody to reopen duplicate questions regularly?

We had an interesting discussion in comments that deserves to be pulled into an answer. oguz ismail pulled up a SEDE query that searches for posts that were dupe closed by you and unhammered by the ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

If we don't have a voice, can we at least make some decisions then? If we agree that SO doesn't listen, then don't talk about issues on meta, and leave meta to only moderation and questions. if a ...
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What are the dynamics of the Stack Overflow community?

Many/most of the very high-ranked users are posting many, many answers, but are asking almost no questions. Obviously some users are like "answering-machines" waiting for new questions to answer ...
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Received request through Stack Overflow to write malicious code

Stack Overflow holds no responsibility for the content contributed by you, the asker, or anyone else. Further, Stack Overflow is not responsible for any external correspondence between its users, such ...
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