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Two other methods: make the window smaller. I know this sounds crazy, but in a smaller window the content of the right column is pushed to the bottom of the page and the main column becomes wider than for a bigger window. disable the responsive design with the Disable Responsiveness link at the bottom of the page. The main column will then be displayed in ...


There is no built-in method to hide the "sidebar". You would have to use a user stylesheet or some other method of injecting CSS into the site. The following CSS would hide the sidebar and make the main section fill the space: #sidebar { display: none; } #mainbar { width: calc(100% - 24px); }


Based on what's happened on Meta over the last, say 48 hours, I can see why this is coming about. However, I can say with absolute confidence that this would be a bad idea. The issue is simpler than you seem to be willing to accept - there are people who want to participate on the site and want to learn why their contribution(s) are not well received, and ...


I believe this would be better handled by bringing back (after finishing its implementation) the mentorship program. There are plenty of new users with badly received questions in need of guidance, and there are more users willing to help than the users in the pool of moderators, and helping other users to polish their questions (when possible) doesn't need ...

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