feature-request Include the chosen tags in the search criteria for "Questions that may already have your answer." Please include the tags (when present) in the list of suggested duplicates. Without the tags, the titles are rarely relevant even when direct matches of what would be viable solutions. I have also mentioned this in the "Ask Question Wizard" ...


First let me preface by saying welcome, and that I like this change! This has been mentioned before somewhere I'll unlikely find but please do not display closed questions (unless closed as dupe) or questions without answers. It appears I'm not a part of the trial group, but looking over your screenshot one of the questions it links to is "WD my passport ...


bug If the similar questions contain code (either inline or code block) in the body preview, the content is all escaped meaning it becomes pretty difficult to read. E.g.


This fixes an accessibility issue. Depending on a system setting for scrollbars, the last line of <pre><code> blocks was blocked by the MacOS scrollbar in all browsers. This has been reported on meta here, here, here, and here. It impacts a minority of folks for sure, but that still amounts to thousands of users having content blocked because ...


Noticed it, it seems a bit excessive to me. Especially the left-side padding makes it seem like there's an extra empty column in front of each line, which can actually be meaningful in some cases. Also the top and bottom paddings start to take a lot of space in posts that have multiple short code blocks (which isn't all that uncommon in e.g. unix.SE, what ...


I'd suggest just changing the existing search message to: Your search returned no questions with upvoted or accepted answers This applies whether or not more information about the criteria used is provided somewhere. This would be more in line with the message you get when you provide a URL: This question does not have an upvoted or accepted answer


I believe this would be better handled by bringing back (after finishing its implementation) the mentorship program. There are plenty of new users with badly received questions in need of guidance, and there are more users willing to help than the users in the pool of moderators, and helping other users to polish their questions (when possible) doesn't need ...


If I'm asking a question about rendering Shift-JIS characters, it would be immensely inconvenient to be presented with some dialog that tells me I can't post my question.


There is a clock icon on upper right corner just click at that.


Based on what's happened on Meta over the last, say 48 hours, I can see why this is coming about. However, I can say with absolute confidence that this would be a bad idea. The issue is simpler than you seem to be willing to accept - there are people who want to participate on the site and want to learn why their contribution(s) are not well received, and ...


The class ow-break-word on the h1 title doesn't do anything since there is no maximum width set. Alternatively, add word-break: break-word as well to work:


feature-request Can we also apply this new algorithm to the "Similar questions frequently linked or suggested as originals:" dialog box when closing as a duplicate? The current list it provides is next to useless for most questions, e.g. this one when a google search on the exact title (even with the typo) yields a duplicate (more when you correct the typo) ...


It is quite hard to flag as "no longer needed" by a misclick. It requires first clicking on the flag, and then selecting an option from a dialog where no value is selected by default and "no longer needed" is the third option: If they were flagging comments by accident on any other category, it would be fairly obvious for the handling mod that that the ...


bug The Similar Questions section doesn't seem to scroll, instead showing the 25 questions in one go, and having to scroll through them all to get to the Post Question button. Scrollbar is visible, but disabled in appearance. Seems to be because of the .grid--cell12 class which has flex-basis: 100% style. Removing this in inspector makes the questions ...


This is probably helpful — the experiment is certainly worth trying, and I applaud that it is being tried. I certainly think it is helpful to offer better possible duplicates as the question is being asked. However, beginners (and, let's face, many of the people asking question on SO for the first time are beginners) are not necessarily able to judge how ...


This should be fixed now. Thanks!


Press the "time travel" button


Yes! I just joined a team, and now when I visit https://stackoverflow.com/, the page first displays questions from that team (about half a window height's worth), and only then the familiar content from Stack Overflow itself. The first time it happened, I found this extremely confusing. I thought I'd landed on the wrong page — I wanted Stack Overflow but ...


Thanks for the report! As Martin notes, the root cause here was the use of content-box sizing on the page when the comment form was designed around border-box sizing. Rather than adding yet another inconsistency to trip up future work, the solution I chose was was to rework the entire page to play nicely with border-box mode, dropping the old table-based ...


It does seem strange to collapse the "Customers" and "Use cases" links under "Products" (to make space for the toolbar icons) rather than consolidate them all to another menu button, but then again, having two menu buttons would be even more confusing. But in the first place, we (logged-in users) have two menus that share a lot of common links (like Teams ...


There is currently no way to revert to the old UI once you've joined a team. However, I've added this to our Teams feedback. The left nav is in a state of constant re-design so it's definitely something we should think about.


Moderators can and do step down and some have died. That they are elected for life does not therefore absent the need for periodic elections. Sites can also grow in popularity, with more users, questions and answers to moderate, more moderators may be required even if all the existing moderators remain.


Suggest to complement this experiment with an "embedded" A-B test. That "sub-test" is not necessary to make public because it won't be as noticeable, since it doesn't involve UI differences. Specifically, I propose that half of users (in both groups of your test) would be getting results based on search limited only to questions having at least 10-20 ...


Adding box-sizing: border-box; to the textarea element fixes the issue on desktop view. Full fix in primary.css: .comment-form > form textarea, .comment-form > form div[contenteditable="true"] { margin-bottom: 4px; height: 5em; width: 100%; resize: vertical; box-sizing: border-box; /* This is the only added line */ }


These are questions with updates since you last saw the list. Hover over the dot and it says: This question has new activity For example:


Okay, fine, the submit button will now read "Post your nomination" when you haven't yet posted it.


Better late than never... Starting with the next build, we'll be closing open popups when going back or forward within a review queue.


Initially writing as a comment this became long, so here is my suggestion and reason of the error. Yes, the link is broken. Anyways though, experimenting with the link of the post, I found changing: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/-2147482643/330386#330386 to https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/330386#330386 would solve the problem. ...


We're working on some accessibility improvements and one that was requested was to make unseen alerts in the inbox and achievements dropdowns more distinct from viewed ones, which previously were only different because they had a slightly different background color - a pale blue. The general recommendation by accessibility experts is to avoid color-only ...


I think we need more clarity in 'What constitutes a duplicate question?'. People ignoring warnings is the real issue here and you see people blatantly ignoring a question, answered, that will help them because 'My system is slightly different', and even worse, 'Oh I'll just ignore the warning and post mine anyway to see how people respond to my question'. ...

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