If it's an experiment, let this serve as feedback: Please put back reputation and badge counts!


The feature is called the extended usercard and is earned with the Established User privilege. Simply get 1.000 points or more. Not all users with reputation > 1000 have one because they don't have enough text in their About Me section, or they explicitly disabled it. From the privilege help info: An expanded usercard is only available if there are at ...


This was a bug which has been resolved. See Dean's answer on MSE for more details. No need for user scripts, this was an unintentional slip-up. We were fixing some Google crawler errors for deleted user cards on questions/answers and a set of brackets got missed in the code path that renders schema.org attributes. That meant that this: ...


As explained in an answer to similar question at MSE, A workaround to force Klingon diff display a major contributor as an author... is for the user to add then remove a dummy text with sufficient amount of line breaks: <!-- CW attribution algorithm work-around: See https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/65541 Lorem ipsum dolor sit ...


The main site and meta have two different designs. On the main site, the blue design is shown: and on meta the red design is shown:


I think that there is a larger problem here when a bug is presumed by the community to be an intentional change to manipulate us. I hope the staff recognizes how this indicates a serious lack of trust and considers the consequences of not repairing that trust. I assumed this was a bug because: It was network-wide, and new stuff generally happens just to ...


The location field is just text, so it would be really quirky trying to accurately pair it with a country flag if the user provided the information. It is much easier to account for all possible locations folks might want to list by leaving it freeform text. Folks can include it if they want in their fly-out user card (visible for users that have over 1k ...


The privilege information was removed because expandable user cards are now universally available to everyone, regardless of reputation: I am happy to announce that hover cards are now working for all users. We have removed the rep requirement for this (previously 1000 rep), so it will show for any user. Based on your feedback, we have also moved down the ...


This is a privilege you have as an established user at 1000 rep. See the related page for more information: https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/established-user


I think having this information in a user card would cause more problems than it's worth. Stack Overflow is focused on getting good answers to questions. Having more obvious national boundaries can only get in the way of answering a question. It's distracting and irrelevant. The typical user interaction simply does not need national identity at all, ...


The 'fly out' user-card is only supposed to activate when you hover over the user's avatar, on their user-card, which is presented on each post that they write. If we made it hover on their user name, then we'd effectively be blocking the link to their profile page, which wouldn't be a very smart thing to do :)


That's working as intended. The hover is only shown when you hover over the profile image.


First, if you hover over a user's avatar you see a popup user card, which contains their location in text. So this information is already available and, if not first class, really close to first class - you don't have to click anything to find out a person's nationality or location if they make it known. True, location doesn't always provide nationality, ...


Stack Exchange does not support the removal of elements via third-party tools (you have something blocking Facebook photos). The popups work fine when you allow the images to load.


This intentional, but not ideal at the moment. I plan on having a preview card on every user. In my opinion, it's weird UX having it on some users and not all, regardless of a drop shadow or a bio. I'll update the help article to be more accurate tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out!


The card is large enough that it would get in the way of the other UI elements and become bothersome. What might be nice is make the name in the tooltip a link to the card, that would take up no additional space.


In addition to the countermeasures concerning the % contribution, I think it's also appropriate to flag a moderator about the copyright violation so they can send the user a corresponding nastygram reminding them not to plagiarize and that when posting content that isn't their original work they need permission from the author / rights holder. Something ...


You are using Gravatar for your image. Gravatar is having a lot of issues with their CDN the past few months, and regularly drop the ball when generating different sizes of your image. In your case the 32x32 size image is the generated image rather than your chosen picture but other sizes are fine. The work-around is to upload the Marcel Proust photograph ...


The user card only displays up to a certain number of characters as a summary of your profile text. Then below that, it pulls any links that didn't appear in the summary and displays those side by side. It's cutting off your summary after the second link because the third would put you past the character limit, and then displaying your other three links in ...

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