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OP removes question after being answered in comment

Based on OPs comment in response to yours: Yeah you're right, I made a mistake -> that's really just the representation in the dev console. I got confused because when just one object is in an ...
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Can I delete my own question after undeleting it?

If you were able to unilaterally delete it before, you should be able to delete it again (barring intervention by other users). The deletion rules are the same: Users can delete their own questions ...
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Request to undelete a question

Yes, you can request that a deleted question be undeleted. One way of doing this is by asking on Meta, like you've done here, which will get the attention of trusted community members who can cast ...
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What does undeleted question mean?

An undeleted question is one which was deleted and now is not. This condition is usually caused by one or more voters voting to "undelete" the deleted post; the number of votes required is determined ...
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Why was my typo post undeleted?

Looking at timelines of Q&A there is nothing particularly bad from Q-ban point of view. Answer was deleted by the answer's vote the day question was asked and later the question was cleaned up by ...
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Why was this question undeleted?

It was undeleted because it was flagged for undeletion; and the undeletion flag reason resonated with the moderator who undeleted it. I agree with it being undeleted. It was originally closed for ...
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Ask for question undeletion with less than 10k reputation

Assuming that question is still good enough to be salvageable in a way that can be explained to others you can always hop into the SOCVR room. That chat room has enough regulars around that have the ...
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