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How could this question be updated to meet community guidelines?

This question is effectively asking how users of an open source product can rely on a company to update their free product with security updates as quickly as they update their paid product. At ...
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Seemingly reasonable newbie question about pointers closed as "needs details or clarity"

This question seems fine to me: it's clear what the asker is asking to do, and it has a definite answer (which happens to be that it is not possible) Not only is the task not possible in the abstract,...
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Why was my question closed? (I fixed the issue, and I'm just curious)

There are a couple things going on here. Let me try to address/list those. Stack Overflow is a site to help you with specific coding, algorithm, or language problems. What is missing from your ...
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Question closed for lack of clarity

What follows are personal conclusions drawn from this discussion to answer my own question and can hopefully serve as useful guidelines to follow: While debatable whether or not the question was ...
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How could this question be updated to meet community guidelines?

Knowing nothing of WSO2 and answering only in a context of Stack Overflow's topicality (of which I have some extensive experience on): I would say that this question is too broad in the sentiment that ...
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