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Success Rate of Bounties

Since it's not precisely clear which figures you are looking for, I threw together a SEDE query which calculates a number of them. It looks for answers posted during the bounty (thanks @JonClements ...
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Can we blow away some of the Tumbleweeds?

I glanced over page 500 of the "new questions" list to peek at some tumbleweeds-to-be. My observations: Surprisingly, most of them were pretty good questions. I was expecting mostly "my homework ...
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Why is 'unanswered' not a tab?

This changed three years or so back, when Unanswered was demoted from a top-level view listed in the header... this weird little not-tab, so as to make room for Jobs and later Documentation ...
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What to do with a question which has no solution for the "asker"

I think it would be okay to add a self answer stating that the issue in the question appears to be a bug and then link to the bug report so future visitors can see it. This way people who hit this ...
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The 'unanswered' tab has multiple answered questions

Stack Overflow only considers questions that either have an answer with a positive score or an accepted answer as answered. So those questions you see are considered unanswered on Stack Overflow. ...
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Why isn't there an Unanswered button in Stack Overflow?

On the new design it's here: Under the "Where are my tabs?" link: Where, as it says on the pop-up, you can create and save your own custom tabs.
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Delete unanswered question, even though valid, but no longer a blocker

The question, as it stands, doesn't contain enough information to reproduce the problem. That alone is grounds for its closure. The purpose of said closure would be to provide an opportunity for you ...
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Why isn't there an Unanswered button in Stack Overflow?

We have a much wider tabs thing than most sites, because of Jobs and Documentation: And anyway, the unanswered tab is still there, albeit in a different place:
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Can we blow away some of the Tumbleweeds?

Anyone who's spent much time on Stack Overflow will be aware - rep awards are much higher for newer questions and being first to answer. That's because - as far as I can tell - most people look at the ...
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Why do 6+ month old unanswered questions from certain specific date ranges suddenly reappear in batches on Stack Overflow?

Badges. The Archaeologist Badge is awarded to people who edit posts > 6 months old. For instance, the Silver badge is awarded once you have edited 100 posts over 6 months old. If I was trying to get ...
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How to deal with questions that are not getting an answer, and you no longer need an answer to, but may help others in the future

SO is meant to be source of knowledge and not just lets-help-you site. So even if your question is not relevant for you but it can help others in the future I believe you should keep it there. You ...
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Is there a plot of the proportion of unanswered questions over time?

I found some old queries and historical data that show the percentage of questions that have any answers and upvoted answers here. On that basis I created some more queries that look at interesting ...
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Time-zone may result in never-answered questions due to not as many users online

TL;DR: I don't think the problem you describe exists, at least not on a larger scale. You just might have been unlucky with a few of your questions. I think that the majority of the users of Stack ...
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Is there a reason my questions do not get answered on Stack Overflow?

You have 9 questions on Stack Overflow. You've accepted an answer on 5 of them, one has 3 answers, another one has 2 answers (one of which is upvoted), one has a self-answer, and only your most recent ...
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What to do when the OP comments his question with "Thanks I solved it"?

I would vote to close it as "a problem that can no longer be reproduced". It will likely be deleted eventually. The OP could delete it themselves (I think) since it has no answers. For users that can'...
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Can we blow away some of the Tumbleweeds?

Bill did an amazing job in his analysis. We need to get him more free time, ideally in copious quantities. What this boils down to is identifying questions that nobody cares about any longer. If, ...
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How can I vote to lock a question?

You can't. Only moderators can lock a question. If you know the answer to an [on topic and appropriate] question and it has not yet been answered, then simply post an answer to the question, so that ...
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Getting Unanswered Questions Answered

TL;DR The premise of your question is that really good questions aren't getting answered, and your numbers are really high. To me, that's a rather troubling claim, and one that I felt was worthy of ...
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How to get your question answered if it is not bountied

It was supposed to be a platform where people would help others Well, it is supposed to be a platform where people who know the answer would voluntarily help others. You can't make people who don't ...
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What should I do if there is a question already made for my problem but has never been answered?

I would write a new question. Start by linking to the old question to show your research, this is always a good thing to do. Also mention any other research you have done. Try to write the new ...
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Can we blow away some of the Tumbleweeds?

As the recent winner of a Tumbleweed badge of my own, I have a suggestion. I asked a question that was incredibly niche. I got no answers, one commenter telling me I was doing the wrong thing (...
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How to ask for arbitration if question gets mistakenly downvoted?

You can't. Votes can be used however the voter wishes, so long as there isn't a pattern of abuse (i.e. serial voting patterns). As to your question, it's certainly getting plenty of attention from ...
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What if the OP can't reproduce anymore the behavior?

The question has now been closed as: This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one ...
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Is it good to delete an unresolvable question?

Actually "what you want to do is impossible" is an answer, and useful to anyone else searching for a way to do that impossible thing.
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How do I get my question noticed?

I need some help fast. The problem is that no one wants to help me because I'm not providing any details, even though there are none." SO is simply not a place to look for help of this kind. You ...
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What to do with my unanswered question? (went through "on hold")

The following answer is inferred from the comments generated by the question. The issue isn't the question As stated by various users in the comments without, to date, anyone to say otherwise: the ...
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Search unanswered in multiple tags

Use the advanced search functionality: [android] and [google-maps] answers:0 closed:no Which gives you questions: tagged with android and google-maps zero answers not closed
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Can we blow away some of the Tumbleweeds?

This problem is much bigger than meets the eye from the badge, there are also plenty of ignored and forgotten questions from SO users that already got the badge. My perception is that it has been ...
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How can I find all downvoted and all unanswered questions?

Just use search, there are lots of useful operators you can use: answers:0 score:..0
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