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Are questions about code published in a book exclusions from the general off-topic "typo" rule?

I am full-out shocked that the applicability of the "typo" close reason here is at all controversial. I will start by reminding you that our mission is to build a library of high-quality answers to ...
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Is Stack Overflow becoming an error-detection site?

Yes and the process began almost the moment the site launched Some of my earliest questions tell the tale: August 18, 2008—Why shouldn't I “bet the future of the company” on shell scripts? ...
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53 votes

Is Stack Overflow becoming an error-detection site?

Is Stack Overflow becoming an error detection site? I think it's fair to say it's becoming more an error detection site than it once was. There are three factors contributing to this in my opinion. ...
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GitHub is misspelled "Github" in the Developer Story page

This does look to be incorrectly spelled to me. Proof? Well, the first thing you see when you navigate to is this: That, to me, should be convincing enough that the correct version ...
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Issue was a simple user error; should I delete my question?

It's up to you - this doesn't seem like a particularly poor question, but I don't disagree with you in stating that it's probably not useful for future visitors.
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What can I consider a typo?

There is a particular common situation where I use it. Someone posts their broken code asking for help. Someone in a comment says "Isn't it as simple as changing [x]". Original posters says ...
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Are all "syntax error questions" off-topic?

That user seems to have equated typos with all syntax errors. Not all syntax errors are typos; for example, you could get your syntax wrong because the programming language changed the syntax. The ...
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Should there be canonicals for common typos?

A frame challenge Does misspelling lambda actually result in a cryptic error message? $ python3.11 Python 3.11.2 (main, Apr 5 2023, 03:08:14) [GCC 9.4.0] on linux Type "help", "...
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26 votes

Should we do something about "sqllite" misspelling?

I do not believe the alternatives are "mass edit or let the database decay", as you state in a comment. I'm pretty sure you can find many other misspellings that are as prevalent or even more. We ...
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Closing questions with typos faster: typo-hammer?

I would like to propose that questions that were closed under the "solved in a way that will not help future visitors (typos, cannot reproduce, etc.)" reason are eligible to be removed by the Roomba ...
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How should we handle recursive getter/setter StackOverflowException questions?

Have the C# community settle for a canonical dupe. As mentioned in comments, these look like potentially good candidates: Overloading getter and setter causes a stack overflow in C# Stack overflow ...
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24 votes

Oddly popular typo-based question

Since the question at hand is old, ranks highly on Google, and has a highly upvoted answer, I would bet that those upvotes aren't from the SO regulars who saw it in the first few minutes of its ...
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22 votes

Capitalisation again

If, by "fix" you mean make Share/Edit/Follow/Close/Flag capitalised, this is now fixed: This is the way things are going - animuson ♦ commented on Capitalized “Edit” and “Delete” buttons ...
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Typo in the "dev.isBored" SO jobs banner

Sounds like SO is A/B testing. The point of the banner isn't to display valid code. It's to get people to click.
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Capitalisation again

The odd capitalization is spreading: Referring to the "Edit tags" text, Shog mentioned in September that after a change, it was "still with the annoying capitalization", but he was told that "the ...
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How can I deal with Python indentation related questions?

IMHO, Python indentation errors generally should be closed as typos. Ideally, before an answer gets posted, so that they can be cleaned up by the Roomba. You can post a brief comment to let the OP ...
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Typos in code snippet from a good answer?

Well let's quote: If the error appears to be an inadvertent mistake or omission, then fix it if you can. If it appears that the author intended to write what he wrote, then leave it be. Down-vote it. ...
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Are questions about code published in a book exclusions from the general off-topic "typo" rule?

If anything, it could conceivably be downvoted to oblivion based on "Lack of Effort", since, as you say, Errors in books, newspapers, and other published sources are corrected by the publisher ...
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18 votes

How many typos in a question is considered too many?

This is actually surprisingly common. People will often type how they speak, and if they don't know the correct spelling of words, they will fill in the gaps with a phonetic equivalent (that makes ...
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GitHub is misspelled "Github" in the Developer Story page

Ouch. This has been fixed and will be up with our next prod build. For the record, I found 4 other instances of that typo in the developer story code, as input placeholders and anchor titles.
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Does it make sense to repair typos in posts (I would like, but suggestion canceling)?

While I agree with the existing answer, let me expand the intent of the moderator's message. When you make an edit suggestion, you effectively ask two other people to do some work (which is, review ...
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How to react on answers which only point out obvious typos in question code?

When someone points out a typo in code I have in a question or an answer -- which is quite rare, because I usually copy and paste my code from an editor that checks my syntax -- the first thing I do ...
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Should we do something about "sqllite" misspelling?

This probably isn't as big a problem as it looks. I don't think we need a huge edit hunt, but you should fix this when you see it (especially for brand new posts, since bumping them doesn't matter). ...
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Capitalisation again

Just stop this Capitalization Madness [sic] already! Do it everywhere, or, rather, nowhere. This is not a "who moved my cheese"* post fuelled by frustration, pinky swear :) This ...
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10 votes

Is there a way to suggest an edit on a job request page?

Funny indeed, but almost certainly not the fault of the hiring company (Software Technology Group). Many of our job listings aren't created manually, but through our API and/or through custom ...
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Should there be canonicals for common typos?

I think "Why does misspelling lambda cause such a cryptic error message?" is probably a worthwhile question to have. However, a different one than what somebody who has a syntax error really ...
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Should languages with indentation based syntax be exempted from "simple typographical error" closure?

In the posted question, it is ambiguous whether it's a logic error or a syntax error. Perhaps the indentation was meant that way but OP didn't realise the need for if..elif statements to chain. Though ...
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