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How is this spam?

The question was treated as a spam seed. In about an hour, the user who authored the question posted 4 spam-like answers, 3 of them near-duplicates, none of them more than link-only, all linking to ...
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Triage Queue - Is a new option needed? Too Broad sub-reason?

If it's poorly researched or unclear, downvote it. If it's a duplicate or fits one of the existing reasons, close it. Otherwise... it probably doesn't need to be closed. These "basic" ...
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Provide an option to filter the triage queue by tags

Alternatively, we could consider allowing triaged questions to get to close queue. Thing is, the primary reason why inefficient triage is worrying is in the way how this impacts other reviews - ...
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What does "Needs Community Edit" do now?

From the official Review queue workflows - Final release on MSE: Questions that would have ended up in this queue [(Help & improvement)] from Triage (with a Needs community edit action) will now ...
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