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Round x to the nearest integer in "asked x year(s) ago"

Rather than rounding or cluttering it up with an exact number of months (or days!), I have an alternate suggestion. If it is over one month from the yearly anniversary, change the text from "1 year ...
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Legendary Badge awarded at 0:00

As far as I'm concerned, that time does not exist. I'd like to introduce you to a 24 hour clock. 0:00 is midnight. For the rest of your question, about why this badge is awarded at midnight instead ...
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Someone answered a question 9 years ago, but the profile shows "member for 4 months"

I think you are referring to the usercard below the answer in question: Here, "Sep 10" means the 10th of September 2019, so the answer is just 5 weeks old. If the answer would have been, for example,...
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Custom date format

Greasemonkey script: // ==UserScript== // @name Fix_SO_dates // @namespace so_ext // @include http://*.stackoverflow.com/* // @include /^https?:\/\/(.*\.)?stackoverflow\.com/.*$/ // @include ...
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Why did dates such as "December 31 '21" become "December 31 2021"?

All dates will be rendered using the full four-digit year instead of the abbreviated two-digit year with apostrophe notation. The rationale is covered in the announcement on Meta Stack Exchange Years ...
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Round x to the nearest integer in "asked x year(s) ago"

Date formatting is vexing because of so many hidden traps like pluralization rules across languages which require special handling for many cases. That and the fact that we re-use common formatting ...
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How can I change time format setting?

As BSMP notes, this information is already baked into the page, as the title (hovertext) attribute on just about every timestamp. But... That doesn't help much when you're on mobile, eh? So add ...
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Why do comment timestamps no longer update unless the page is reloaded?

This was fixed on June 15. As was pointed out in the comments, the time updater was looking for titles that were exactly 20 characters long, and the license text broke that assumption. We ended up ...
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How to see time of recent posts

Another alternative is to go to the timeline view of the question and select "toggle format" in the header of the left-most column: This makes it easier to see the exact timestamps of all ...
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Custom date format

I've just added a fix like this to my userContent.css in Firefox. It adds an ISO style YYYY-MM-dd to the box and visually hides the existing date's span. I'm sure it can be improved: /* this doesn't ...
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How to see time of recent posts

You can see the exact time of any post by hovering over the time, whether it is currently being displayed with relative time or not. In this example, hovering over "23 hours ago" will reveal ...
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Will an edit during the grace period update the original creation timestamp?

No, every revision to a post, including its original version is saved in the timeline for that answer. Also, re-editing a revision before the 5-minute mark preserves the original timeline; otherwise, ...
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Server-side time format differs from client-side

I've made the first load time format more consistent with the JS updated one. Fixed and being deployed.
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