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Is it intended for The Overflow newsletter to be auto opt-in?

There is a group of people who signed up to receive occasional emails from Stack Overflow. In the past that has included company news, community announcements, product updates. Folks who opted into ...
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How are the "interesting questions" selected for The Overflow?

For over a decade, Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network have relied on community engagement to dictate what questions and answers bubble to the top. When we pick questions for the newsletter ...
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Re-email the lost issues of 'The Overflow'

I doubt there is any way to have old, missed issues re-sent as emails, but I'm not sure why it would be necessary. All issues of "The Overflow" are available online, on the Stack Overflow ...
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Where to send questions or concerns about the Overflow?

At the bottom of every email edition of The Overflow there is a Contact us link. That goes to a "Support & Feedback" page. The second sentence on that page is: To share product feedback on our ...
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Why is The Overflow promoting Universal Basic Income?

I think it's important to distinguish between content hosted directly by Stack Overflow, Inc., and a link to an offsite resource. The former is an implied endorsement of the published material (...
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News letter as a web page?

Are you looking for https://stackoverflow.blog/newsletter/ ?
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Can't unsubscribe from The Overflow

Turns out I did have a second account I wasn't aware of! I got suspicious after logging into an email account I hardly use and noticing it only had 1 copy of The Overflow in it. Sure enough, my Stack ...
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Why is The Overflow promoting Universal Basic Income?

I and many other developers read this newsletter to learn about tech trends and skills I don't think that statement is correct. when the content which subscribers expect to receive from The Overflow ...
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