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Requesting clarification - how did this tag wiki edit fall short according to the criteria in the "Reject" reason?

As well as being grammatically incorrect, this was not completely accurate. The -pedantic option does force a higher level of standards-compliance, but does not succeed in eliminating all cases of non-...
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Should the Swift programming language be explicitly added to the description of the [init] tag?

This tag should simply be made a synonym of initialization. It’s a shorthand for said word, and the usages referred to in the current tag wiki, are __init__ in Python, and with your new suggestion, ...
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What are the edit reject reasons?

Rejection reasons for suggested edits Suggestions to edit questions/answers – reputation limit 2,000 A reviewer who decides to reject an edit suggestion on a question or an answer may choose one of ...
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"This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed" dialog is shown even though there is nothing to be reviewed

The suggested edit is no longer reviewable. Your manual edit after getting the "Trusted User" privilege resulted in the suggested edit being rejected: This can be seen in the activity tab ...
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