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I'm banned from review. What should I have done instead?

It's pretty clear this is the exact opposite of what was intended, so I've lifted your ban and the one for the other rejecting reviewer here. My guess is that a moderator userscript went haywire. I ...
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C tag usage, radical changes to tag wiki. Which policy to keep?

Unilaterally changing the very meaning of a tag like this is a big no-no. The user in question should not have done it without bringing it up on MSO first, and therefore you should revert it back ASAP....
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Is blockchain "efficient", or should we drop that from the tag description?

"efficiently" is not needed here at best. Practically it is a marketing buzzword fluff and should be removed. When it is efficient and not heavily depends on situation. For vast majority of ...
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C tag usage, radical changes to tag wiki. Which policy to keep?

My proposal is to use the previous policy: Unless the question does not explicitly mention which version of the C standard that is used, it is assumed that the current version is used. That is, ...
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The [pc] tag description is not very PC

Considering the criteria defined: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? It doesn't usually describe anything in the question. Most of the ...
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Should tag wikis get more exposure?

A lack of tag wiki exposure is very problematic. I strongly believe that users who find the tag wikis would avoid asking frequently asked questions and common pitfalls. Many topics addressed in the ...
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Wiki edits still gives +2 rep

Until you reach 20K reputation (trusted user), any tag wiki or wiki excerpt you edit is an edit suggestion. It even enters the suggested edit queue and is reviewable by people with 5K+ reputation. ...
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Created new tag and started tagging, found existing tag, now what?

The proper name of the technology is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and in fact we already have the wsl tag which covers exactly same topic as ubuntu-on-windows and windows-bash. I think we ...
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Should we accept a tag-wiki edit made by a corporate employee?

We should judge any edit based on its merits. The source of the edit is not relevant, as long as the information is correct and it's a good excerpt. That being said, this edit broadens the tag (to ...
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I didn't get what is the Research assistant badge

The tag excerpt and tag wiki are different things: The research assistant badge is for editing the tag WIKI. For only providing an excerpt, you won't make progress on that badge. Just do know that ...
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Why was my tag-wiki excerpt edit rejected, even though it makes the description more accurate?

That is somewhat unfortunate that your wiki excerpt didn't get approved. I can only guess why the reviewers did so, but I assume they considered it to be not clear enough what your intention was. I ...
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Why is the [arraylist] tag only about Java?

The simple/obvious answer is also the correct one: because the person who wrote the tag wiki (Stephen C) is a Java expert. He interpreted the tag relative to his own expertise, just as we all tend to ...
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Is there any way to flag a tag, and is there any action taken for a user who repeatedly copies content from external sites to tag wikis?

Well, now I'm depressed at the atrocious state of tag wiki understanding, not only among prospective editors (which is only to be expected), nor yet among edit reviewers (which is a sad fact of the SE ...
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Plagiarized content in a tag wiki

You did exactly the right thing. The problem with copy+pasta from vendor sites is that it ends up parroting non-factual claims like "best performance possible". That's expected in marketing-speak, ...
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Should tag wikis get more exposure?

In the current system, tags, and their excerpts/wikis are like second class citizens: You can't vote on them You can't close as a duplicate of them They do not appear as results in SO's search You ...
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Should every tag have a tag wiki?

If there's no other necessary info to convey, I don't see any harm in a brief description. I've always thought of the tag excerpt as a way to quickly understand a tag, even if I'm not particularly ...
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Should we be able to put bounties on tag wikis?

Tag wikis shouldn't be a popularity contest. While bounties do attract more attention to whatever they're tied to, I'm not convinced it's the kind of attention tag wikis require. It's also not ...
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How to handle tag wikis with promotional content

I think your concern is legit. Those wiki's are awful and a blatant copy without attribution. I noticed one of the reviewers of an edit was in the same chat room as I so after some discussion we ...
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Can't edit a tag wiki

The suggested edit queue was full at the time and we don't do a good job of showing anything that resembles a proper error message in that case. Starting today (June 14, 2017), we're going to show ...
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Should entire tag wikis be deleted if they are found to be plagiarised?

Tag wikis that are empty are not useful. Tag wikis that contain plagiarized information are a problem. So yes, deleting them is appropriate. The best option would be to write new, original content ...
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Firebase description is corporate biased & not insightful

This highlights a problem, but probably not the one you thought it might. Folks sometimes grab the "elevator pitch" right from the project site (usually word for word) and just paste it in. This ...
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Proposed update to C and C++ tag usage wikis

I think the usage sections have too much needless verbiage or present information best stated elsewhere. For example, MCVEs are appropriate for all debugging questions, not specifically those of C ...
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What is [winapp]?

A winapp is, obviously1, a Windows Application! I won't be writing the tag info, however, as the tag probably shouldn't exist. I just went through all 85 questions on this tag to summarize what they ...
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Edit was rejected even though it doesn't copy from an external source

It appears verbatim on page 637 of Comp-Computer Science-TB-12 by Reeta and Gagan Sahoo. It also appears in many other places on the Internet, as Makyen said, including this website. Even if this is ...
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Why am I suspended from the review queues?

https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/32586307: The edit doesn't really improve anything. The first sentence should have been removed ("I've run into a problem with my Python code and ...
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