I hardly post on Meta, but SO front page has been changing quite a bit too many times lately, with no improvement to make up for the inconvenience! I'd go one step further than the OP's proposal, and remove the entire tag description block. We don't need this on every single page, forever! Who really needs a tag description permanently cluttering the space? ...


This should be possible with custom question lists. If it works as they say it does, then you can either use intags:mine or list your tags (my personal preference would be to have several different lists of related tags): You could easily access these lists via the sidebar under shortcuts: You can see how to opt in here, but you will need to wait......


You can perform this search [regex] [java] to get a list of questions with the two tags. From there, you can also get an RSS feed on the bottom of the right sidebar: "newest regex java questions feed". If you need some help building advanced search queries, I recommend using my Advanced Search Helper, Saved Search (Bookmarks), and Navigation Improvements ...


Come on people, frequently accessed important functionality definitely deserves prominent exposure in the GUI, that's like good UX 101. It is beyond perfectly clear that people frequently unwatch and ignore tags they have previously subscribed to. I myself do it all the time. 5-6 times a day at least. Which is why I feel like this new eye sore is perfectly ...


The search syntax for that is: intags:mine This can conveniently be used by setting up a "bookmark" or "favorite" or however your favorite browser calls it.


Watched Tags: Questions with these tags become highlighted, formerly known as "interesting tags" and "favorite tags". Ignored Tags: Questions with these tags are shown faded; they are still visible but less prominent. Checking the "Hide Ignored Tags" box causes them to be hidden completely. (This is done by a client-side script ...


That "(s)" means it's a synonym, not an actual tag. If you want to follow that tag, you need to follow the master tag, css-transitions. You can see the synonyms for that tag here.


The right sidebar is displaced below the question list when the screen is small enough:


According to https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/types/tag , watchers info is deliberately missing from StackExchange web API. Likewise, it's missing from https://stackoverflow.com/tags/{tag}/info and https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/{tag} . So, you're stuck with a scraper, the site doesn't offer any other way. Either hover things with a headless ...


Starting earlier today, tag synonyms now remap to their targets on submit, matching the behaviour of the Ask Question page.


As far as I know, you get an overview of the watched tag + the possibility to quickfilter for your tag in the questions overview.


Spent hours of looking, here is what I've found. There is an Edit link where you are able to remove existing watched tags and add new tags.


This will be fixed in the next build. This is a regression of Hovering a tag when viewing a suggested edit directly from the question page shows the tag popup behind the edit. The fix in that question set the z-index of the popup to 1002 to be higher than that of .lightbox-panel. At some point, things changed and the z-index to beat jumped from 1001 to ...


This will be improved in the next build. The behavior here is definitely bad, but the fix might not be that satisfying. The problem we're running into here is a set of extremes. The text here is very long. It's only three characters off the max length. The popup has the "Manage Subscription" button, which you have because you're currently subscribed to ...

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