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What to do with [arrayofarrays]?

Based on reviewing the existing tags, a multidimensional-array is a unique data structure which is always square (cubic?) and may have different syntax. While few of us encounter the term regularly, ...
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What to do with [arrayofarrays]?

Maybe I'm in the minority (I do not have a Computer Science degree, but then again most programmers don't, either), but I have never heard the term 'jagged array' before so I would not know to search ...
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Cleaning up PowerShell tags

TL;DR; While @iRon's answer correctly points out the differences between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core as well as why both the powershell and powershell-core tags should remain, I disagree ...
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Why can neither mods nor CMs forcibly create synonyms from a big tag to a small tag?

This should now be fixed (please comment here if you are still seeing it). The tag count ratio is now bypassed in the case of creating a synonym while merging tags. Mod merges some tags and creates a ...
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stack vs Stacks tag

As per @OlegValteriswithUkraine's comment, I added stacks-blockchain to avoid ambiguity of stacks.
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