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I've renamed the kony tag to temenos-quantum (and also created a synonym, so as not to break any bookmarks). While I agree with others' point that we prefer not to have the company name in our tags, I feel that the name of the product ("Quantum", in this case) is just too generic. If we went with a quantum tag, you'd constantly be fighting ...


Hans notes in a comment that, despite the apparent lack of thought behind this proposal, you nevertheless clearly know what you're talking about, being the top user by a large margin for the tensorflow.js tag. (Thanks for your hard work there!) Also, I reviewed the questions that were tagged tfjs, and it was apparent enough to me (despite my own total lack ...


I renamed the tag (per this comment) to matlab-spm. Acronym tags are often assigned whatever meaning suits the poster, and the excerpt is often ignored. A tag rename tends to fix this for good.


Transferring comments into an answer. Those questions tagged with the spm tag that are about Swift Package Manager are mistagged and should simply be retagged with the swift-package-manager tag. Since there are at most 40 questions (actually, quite a lot less) to deal with, those with sufficient power (reputation) to edit without bothering the review queues ...

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