This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

Tag synonyms are tags which mean exactly the same thing as another tag. They exist to group variations together.

Depending on the site you're using, the reputation required to suggest tag synonyms varies. However, you always must have a score of at least 5 in the master tag in order to suggest another tag become a synonym of it. Synonym suggestions are automatically approved once they reach a vote of +4, and are automatically rejected once they reach a vote of -2.

Use this tag for questions about tag synonyms. Valid topics could include:

  • How tag synonyms work
  • Who can create tag synonyms
  • Why a tag is a synonym of another tag

To request a tag become a synonym of another tag, use .

For more information on tag-synonyms, please check out What are tag synonyms and merged tags? How do they work?

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