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What to do about Angular 2?

I agree that all questions tagged as angular2 should be renamed to angular. But I don't see any reason to rename the angularjs tag to angularjs-legacy. No one calls the framework angularjs-legacy and ...
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Rename [java-ee] to [jakarta-ee]

Definitely in favor of this. I'd personally only wait until Jakarta EE is "lively" as the current version is still branded "Java EE". I wonder if it's doable to first make jakarta-ee a new synonym ...
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Is [map] synonym of [dictionary] really a good idea?

I think synonymizing dictionary and map is definitely a bad idea. In particular, map actually means something completely different in functional programming. See Lisp. Or even Python, for that matter, ...
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Why was [pythonista] made a synonym of [python]?

I've removed the synonym again, as it was suggested by mistake: My sincere apologies for the trouble I have caused. I suggested pythonista as a synonym of Python since the only definition I knew ...
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synonym request: deleting in SQL

That describes quite well what happened with these tags. Back in August 2014, users set out to set the New Standard and retagged [sql] + [delete] questions to [sql] + [sql-delete]. Same treatment on ...
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PCRE tag merged?

This should be reverted. The regex tag excerpt has this important instruction: "Always two there are; no more, no less. A master and an apprentice." Oh, sorry, this one: Since regular ...
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Created new tag and started tagging, found existing tag, now what?

The proper name of the technology is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and in fact we already have the wsl tag which covers exactly same topic as ubuntu-on-windows and windows-bash. I think we ...
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Why is the C++17 tag replaced by the C++1z tag?

The C++17 tag is being automatically replaced by the C++1z tag because the former is a synonym of the latter. c++1z is the "master" tag, so it is the one that gets ultimately displayed. Why is c++1z ...
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Can moderators preemptively add tag synonyms?

Preemptive tag synonyms are possible for moderators. We can spin up new tags whenever it is required. For example, I added a tan as a synonym for the trignometry tag, because cos and sine were ...
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"breadth-first-search" and "bfs" tags should be merged?

As far as I can see, bfs doesn't have any other meaning than breadth-first-search, so these should definitely be merged. You suggest keeping breadth-first-search and redirecting bfs, I agree! However,...
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Are tags: [mutability] and [immutability] the same?

I am opposed to merging immutability into mutability. If any synonimization or merging is to be done, it should be the other way around. Both "mutability" and "immutability" are terms that describe ...
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Should my reputation for a tag include reputation for synonyms of that tag?

No. Theoretically if a synonym still hasn't been merged, it means the tag hasn't been fully vetted. Two things could still happen: The synonym gets removed, identifying that the tag is in fact not a ...
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What to do about Angular 2?

I vote for renaming angularjs to angularjs-legacy, retagging all current angular questions with angularjs-legacy and finally renaming angular2 to angular. It'd be a lot of work but it seems like it'd ...
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What should we do with [arrayofarrays]?

Based on reviewing the existing tags, a multidimensional-array is a unique data structure which is always square rectangular and may have different syntax. While few of us encounter the term regularly,...
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Isn't a language construct just syntax?

The 53 questions under language-construct seem to be quite diverse both in terms of topic and post quality. As someone pointed out, the term seems to have a specific meaning in the context of PHP, but ...
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Should we forget about [memorization]?

Well, "memorization" is not a valid tag for Stack Overflow. And it is an English word (and therefore allowed by spell-checkers) that is a single letter away from something that is a valid tag. ...
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A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow

Just to make this huge task a little bit easier, here is a list with the URL's to the tag. If you have proposed a change, please edit this answer to remove the tag: The idea is to make the left tag a ...
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What should we do with [arrayofarrays]?

Maybe I'm in the minority (I do not have a Computer Science degree, but then again most programmers don't, either), but I have never heard the term 'jagged array' before so I would not know to search ...
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It's a bit confusing that we have both [bit] and [bits] as tags

A few minutes ago I thought that bit, bits, etc were not useful tag and should therefore be deleted. Then I looked at the questions on [C#][bit] and found a useful set of questions that are somewhat ...
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Are tags: [mutability] and [immutability] the same?

The tags are not the same, though they are about the same subject. You say: I don't think someone looking to answer mutability questions is going to look only for situations where they are being ...
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Burninate 'arrayslice' and retag 'array-slice' ( -> 'slice')

Yes, we should. Those are only 4 questions, the tag has no individual meaning that array-slice wouldn't solve (it's the same name, after all) and the combined views are around 300. Someone with full ...
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Should I create a tag, then make it a synonym right after?

There is no need whatsoever for this synonym, or the correctly-spelled cplusplus. So, no, you should not do it. While it is possible for moderators to preemptively create synonyms, we do not do it ...
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Why can you suggest an edit that just changes a tag to one of its synonyms?

Well, first off, they didn't. At the time they proposed the edit, the tags weren't synonyms. In fact, if you look at the actual suggested edit, they proposed changing the tag from management-studio to ...
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Repurpose the S3 tag synonym

amazon-s3 has over 15000 questions; r-s3 has less than 50, and r questions mentioning S3 only number in the hundreds. If you make this change, I predict that the overwhelming majority of stuff tagged ...
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How to handle tags which have changed meaning?

This tag currently has only 37 questions. I don't think that the situation which you describe, i.e. people using it when they mean to use graph-databases happens very often. When you see that someone ...
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Should [pythonnet] be a synonym of []?

I'm one of core developers of pythonnet. Historically since 2003 the library had multiple names such "Python.NET", "pythonnet", "Python for .NET". Hence the duality of the tag names on SO. Ideally ...
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Reputation requirements for creating tags and tag synonyms

Creating new tags simply means creating "a question in a topic that nobody before you (on this site, at least) ever has" [Help Center]. However there are so many tags right now that the majority of ...
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Is the use of [private], [protected] and [public] encouraged or discouraged?

For me it's a clear No! As @Makoto commented it is too specific and mostly not really a tag valuable for grouping. No user would be interested especially in questions tagged public or private. To ...
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Incorrect tag association for [winbatch]

I think it is amply evident that WinBatch is a completely different topic than batch files, so hopefully it's uncontroversial that in principle winbatch should be its own, independent tag, not linked ...
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