A request to create a new tag on the site. Include the proposed tag name, an explanation for why the tag is needed, and some existing questions that would benefit from the tag. If possible, also include an initial tag excerpt and wiki. Questions with [tag-creation-request] should also be tagged with [tags] and [discussion].

This tag is for requests to create a new tag.

Such requests are generally made by users that haven't been granted the tag creation privilege, but even users that can create tags unilaterally may make these requests in order to get feedback from the community on their proposed tag. Given that tag creation is far easier than tag burnination/ removal, it's important to take care when creating a new tag.

Requests to create a new tag should contain some key elements:

  • The proposed tag name
  • Explanation of why the new tag is necessary, and how it's on topic for the site
  • A list of some existing questions for the tag to be applied to
  • A proposed initial tag wiki excerpt and wiki entry

More detail concerning these requirements can be found in the When is it appropriate to create a tag, and how does it work? FAQ post.

Along with this tag, requests for tag creation should also be use and .

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