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The real problem here is that you haven't already downvoted. If you think a post warrants deletion, surely it also warrants a downvote. I can kinda understand skipping that if you think it's gonna be deleted in a few minutes anyway, but if you wouldn't downvote a post at all were it not for your desire to delete it... Then you should probably question ...


If it's wrong, downvote it. Ideally, with a comment that it's incorrect -- the why being detailed in your own answer.


Nope. Don't downvote a answer just because you like a different answer better. Vote on a answer based on that answer's merit. If the answer is bad, downvote it. If the answer is good, upvote it. Even if you like a different answer better. (You could only vote on the answer you like best, though) Whatever you do, don't downvote good answers.


The OP has the final say on which answer is accepted, period. With a "best practices" type question, there is a certain amount of discretion. In the end, the OP may simply disagree with you. Or, as sometimes happens, the OP may have poorly stated the problem, and the other answer really is best for the real problem. You seem to be making an assumption ...


It's really hard to track this because you'd have to teach an automated routine to understand intent. And in order to do that effectively, you'd have to do a lot more analysis of long-term behavioral patterns of users, which .. isn't something I think we're comfortable doing any more than we currently do (hint: we don't track pages you view in a manner that ...


There are different "minor" errors with English grammar that could have arisen here; one that has to do with the structure of the sentence, and the other which has to do with the intent of the sentence. Fixing structure is easy since it doesn't change the intent. However, the way your answer was phrased made it seem more like the intent was wrong. I can'...


I don't think we can make the assumption that these are revenge downvotes. Are they most likely? Probably. Does that always invalidate two downvotes against a user who recently DV'd them? Not necessarily, at least by my understanding of the purpose of voting. My understanding is that downvotes are intended on Stack Overflow (not Meta) to indicate poor ...


Since anyone can cast a vote for any reason at any time, there's really not much you can do to mitigate this sort of voting behavior. They don't have to explain it, so it is again an arbitrary action that can be taken by them. I note that the downvote had since been removed, so I don't see that anything should be done in this case.


If you believe that the new answer is wrong, downvote it. That is all.


You want to know why a question was downvoted? Hover your mouse over the downvote arrow. The popup hint says You want to know why your answer was downvoted? Hover your mouse over the downvote arrow. The popup hint says Clearly someone thought either your question or your answer fell into one of those categories. Voting at all of the StackEchange sites is ...


It may be best to try to concentrate on better, more incontrovertably on-topic questions to answer. For this question the OP has written This code is not working And you have assumed you know what this means in order to answer the question. It's a complete guess on your part whether what you've written as an answer actually addresses the OP's problem (...

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